Restoring Justice

February 2010




  • Up Front

    The Editors

    McCain on the stump; OMG, it's Peter Orszag; and The Question.
  • The Chastity Ring-Around

    Lena Chen

    The college abstinence-only movement sells itself as empowering and pro-woman. Too bad the usual rejection of marriage equality and reproductive rights still applies.
  • The Bicycle Grief

    Alexandra Gutierrez

    In the quest for bike-friendly cities, are snobby cyclists their own worst enemies?
  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to Gabriel Arana's "Gay on Trial," Ann Friedman's "The Company We Keep," and a message from Prospect executive editor Mark Schmitt.

Special Report


  • Eric Holder's War

    Dayo Olopade

    How the attorney general's relationship to his president, his adopted city, and his race are shaping the Justice Department.
  • Underrating Reform

    Paul Starr

    Even with its compromises, health reform is the most ambitious effort in decades to reorganize a big part of life around principles of justice and efficiency.
  • The Ultimate Test Case

    Tim Fernholz

    Obama has said he wants to change our very mind-set about foreign policy. Afghanistan is where he must prove it.
  • Germany's Economic Engine

    Eamonn Fingleton

    For years, economists said Germany was doing everything wrong. But today it's thriving, even in the wake of the global financial crisis.