Lessons from the Health Care Wars

March 2010


  • Game Changer

    Robert Kuttner

    It takes presidential leadership to break through our system's obstructionism.
  • In Search of Arrogance

    Mark Schmitt

    The legislative giants of past decades were not smarter or better people -- they simply had no hesitation about their entitlement to rule.
  • On the Outs

    Ann Friedman

    When we mock politicians who are outed as gay, who are we really shaming? Are we decrying homophobia -- or fueling it?
  • Don't Wait for Reform

    Robert Reich

    There's already a law on the books that holds Wall Street CEOs and executives to account -- now it needs to be enforced.



  • Hairdos and Don'ts

    Monica Potts

    A lawsuit offers a peek into the world of high-end D.C. salons.
  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to Suzy Khimm and Tim Fernholz's "The Art of the Possible," David Kirp's "The Great School Delusion," and a note from Prospect executive editor Mark Schmitt.
  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Financial regulation for everyone; the presidential body mass index; and The Question.
  • Playing the Long Game

    Paul Waldman

    Obama realizes that transformative presidents look past day-to-day disasters.