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W. James Antle III is associate editor of The American Spectator.

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Antiwar Republicans Facing Early Campaign Challenges

Republicans like Rep. Walter Jones who are advocating withdrawal from Iraq find themselves already confronted by '08 election challenges from pro-war candidates.

At first glance, Congressman Walter Jones would seem like an improbable target for a conservative primary challenger. Since the seven-term North Carolina Republican arrived in Washington as part of the "Class of '94," he hasn't seen an abortion he wouldn't ban, a tax he wouldn't cut, or an evangelical church he wouldn't free from IRS restrictions against electioneering from the pulpit. Yet Jones has alienated some erstwhile allies in his heavily military district with his passionate and outspoken opposition to the Iraq War. In May, Onslow County Commissioner Joseph McLaughlin announced his plans to challenge Jones for the North Carolina 3rd District seat as a sort of Ned Lamont in reverse. McLaughlin, a former Army Ranger with 18 years of military service, believes his hawkish message will resonate in a district that houses three large bases, including the Marines' Camp Lejeune. "A number of us have become very concerned about [Jones'] drift to the left, espousing ideas that we don't...