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We'll Talk About That: Can Liberals Do Radio?

Liberals do movies, rock and roll, talk TV, even local talk radio. So why no liberal Rush?

Welcome back to the Talk Radio story that challenges all that right-wing nonsense on the air!! Did you see that Rush Limbaugh now claims to have 20 million listeners to his daily show?! I don't believe it! It's another one of Rush's tricks. Just not true. But say it's only 12 million! Shouldn't there be limits on how much power one man --who's never even been elected dogcatcher, who doesn't have to disclose a single thing about his finances--I mean, do you want this guy telling even 12 million Americans what to think?! We'll talk about that. And what about these radio stations that feed the public an unbroken stream of conservative hogwash?! Should they be free to make profits with your airways like this? I think maybe they should be required to be balanced. What do you think? Give me a call. And I really think we should talk about this! What in the world is the matter with people who believe this crap? I mean, the Oklahoma City Federal Building blown up deliberately by federal agents...