Thomas Matzzie

Thomas Matzzie is a policy analyst at Campaign for America's Future where he coordinates the campaign's Social Security project. He is co-author of Social Security and Medicare: Myths, Lies, and Realities.

Recent Articles

Social Security: The Phony Crisis

Social Security: The Phony Crisis, by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot. University of Chicago Press, 176 pages, $22.00. Economists Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot lay out a devastating critique of those who say Social Security is going broke and that something drastic needs to be done. Their useful book deconstructs the gimmicks, accounting tricks, and rhetorical devices used by those who advocate overhauling the system. This peer-reviewed book, published by a respected academic press, is a succinct, easy-to-read, and fact-packed economic and logical rebuttal to the assault on social insurance. The book is also an indictment of an economics that, as Baker and Weisbrot see it, has been manipulated to further the goals of those interests that have long opposed Social Security. Baker and Weisbrot contend that the program is in excellent health. From a purely economic perspective, they are correct. Social Security is entirely affordable in the future even under the worst-case scenarios. The...