Suzy Khimm

Suzy Khimm is a writer based in Washington, D.C.

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Is There a Local-National Enthusiasm Gap in NY-23?

The race in New York’s 23rd Congressional District has turned into nothing less than a passion play for many of the election’s liberal observers: Moderate Republican gets martyred by an insurgent grass-roots base purging members who don’t meet the conservative purity test. When the news broke about Republican Dede Scozzafava ’s withdrawal from the race,’s Erick Erickson exulted : “I said this was our hill to die on, but to paraphrase Patton, we won my [sic] making the other guys die on our Hill!” There’s no doubt that candidate Doug Hoffman fits the mold of a tea party-friendly conservative, railing against tax increases, the stimulus, abortion, health-care reform, and gay marriage. But while the race has served as the perfect stage for high-voltage conservative leaders (with matching campaign funds) to swoop in, there’s also an underlying disjuncture between the national movement and the local electorate -- one that...

Is Stupak Really Willing to Make an Abortion Compromise?

Would Democrat Bart Stupak really vote against the health-care bill if it contains the existing language on abortion? The Michigan representative has raised alarm bells among liberals for threatening to derail the House bill if certain abortion-related provisions aren't taken out. The Democratic leadership claims that the bill contains multiple restrictions to prevent the federal funding of abortions and restrict access -- measures that have actually raised the hackles of leading pro-choice organizations. But Stupak claims the bill doesn’t go far enough, as it still gives subsidies to individuals who could have access to insurance plans that cover abortions -- even the Capps amendment sets up a firewall to prevent subsidy money from going to abortions. Stupak's now trying to prohibit any coverage of abortions within the exchanges. Last week, he claimed that 39 other House Democrats supported his effort to strip out the provisions. And on Friday, Democrats for Life of America (...

Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance.

I'm Suzy Khimm, and I'm delighted to be guest-blogging here this week. Before I dive into the wonderful world of wonkery, a bit more about me: I currently work at The New Republic , where I spend much of my time reporting on Congress, particularly the ins and outs of health-care reform. You'll find a lot of my recent writing on The Treatmen t, TNR 's health-care blog, where I'm lucky enough to work with TAP alum Jonathan Cohn . I've also written profiles of some of the key players behind the scenes and on the campaign trail, explaining the reasoning behind Ben Nelson 's political heresies, the origin of Chris Dodd 's woeful re-election prospects, and the downfall of the last New England Republican in the House. Before coming to D.C., I was working in Cambodia as a freelance writer and editor at the English-language Cambodia Daily . Before that, I was based in Brazil, writing about human-rights issues and teaching in a women's prison. At heart, I'm interested in how the personalities...