Ronnie Dugger

Ronnie Dugger, the founding editor of The Texas Observer and author of biographies of Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, is also a founder of the Alliance for Democracy.

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A Republic, Not an Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny.

Pat Buchanan is a serious subject because he is a serious America Firster who might get a considerable fraction of the vote for president this year. It seems quite possible, at this writing, that though now at only 4 percent in the polls, he will be the Reform Party nominee for president with $12.6 million in federal money to burn. This phenomenon--Perot to Buchanan to Chance--and the oncoming Green Party candidacy of Ralph Nader, who is running at 7 percent in the polls, introduce the passing likelihood that as a result of this election the United States may shift from a two-party to a four-party system in 2004. It behooves us to understand, as free of animus, unfairness, and alarm as we can manage, what Buchanan brings to the national presidential debate and what partisans of the other three candidates should brace themselves for. Unfortunately, Buchanan's recent book, A Republic, Not an Empire , has been demonized and brushed aside by politicians and others delighted that our right...

Give War a Chance

Work Discussed: Vietnam: The Necessary War. A Reinterpretation of America's Most Disastrous Military Conflict , by Michael Lind. The Free Press, 314 pages, $25.00. American dominion over the world is the value on behalf of which Michael Lind justifies and upholds the Vietnam War, which he sees as a lost battle in the Western victory in the Cold War. Lind is pleased to make use of Soviet communism to sustain his argument until the U.S.S.R. collapsed in 1989, but for now and the future, too, with no Soviet bloc to justifiably fear and hate, his overriding point is the same: The United States is and must remain, for as long as possible, Number One. The emergence of an international democracy will be acceptable as long as we control it. Any vision of a world in which other nations and other peoples share the responsibilities of governance is soft-minded. Lind's book thus provides us with an opportunity in a time of relative peace for our country to think again about the Vietnam War in the...