Robert Griffin, John Halpin, & Ruy Teixeira


Robert Griffin is a senior policy analyst at the Center for American Progress, focusing on demographic change and American political behavior. John Halpin is a senior fellow at CAP focusing on political theory, communications, and public opinion analysis. Ruy Teixeira is a senior fellow at CAP. His new book is The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century Will Be Better Than You Think.

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Democrats Need to Be the Party of and for Working People—of All Races

And they can’t retake Congress unless they win over more white workers.

(Photo: AP/Robert F. Bukaty)
This article appears in the Summer 2017 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . wwc_icon2.jpg Since November, progressives have engaged in many solid post-election audits seeking to explain how the Obama coalition was narrowly supplanted by Donald Trump’s ethno-nationalist wave of white working-class support. Analysts have explored the relative balance of economic versus racial factors; the breakdown in polling, field organizing, and message development; and the role of campaign-specific mistakes and external interventions by the FBI, WikiLeaks, and the Russians. In an election decided by small margins in a handful of states, each of these factors arguably played a role. Unfortunately, this process has led to some unfruitful debates about whether progressives should double down on the Obama coalition voters, reach out more to white working-class voters, or appeal more to independent and conservative-leaning suburban whites. When a party narrowly loses the...