Rick Claypool

Rick Claypool is a research director for the president’s office of Public Citizen.

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Don’t Just Prosecute Law-Breaking Executives. Prosecute Companies Too.

Deferred prosecution agreements in two cases against companies that peddled opioids highlight the need for both personal and corporate accountability.

Federal prosecutors have finally brought charges against executives of companies that aggressively pushed addictive prescription opioids and helped fuel the opioid crisis. In Massachusetts, five executives from Insys, including founder and former billionaire John Kapoor, were convicted of racketeering charges in connection with how Subsys, a fentanyl-based painkiller spray, was marketed. And in Manhattan, two Rochester Drug Co-Operative (RDC) executives—former CEO Laurence Doud and ex–chief compliance officer William Pietruszewski— face felony drug distribution charges for distributing dangerous opioids without raising red flags about illicit drug-dispensing practices. The RDC charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prisonand a mandatory minimumof 10 years. The Insys executives, for their part, face up to 20 years in prison. Tough prosecutions that can put criminal executives in prison are a welcome change for the DOJ, where white-collar prosecutions in January...