Nick Hanauer & David Rolf

Nick Hanauer is a Seattle-based entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and the founder of Civic Ventures, a public-policy incubator.

David Rolf is president of an SEIU local in Seattle and an architect of SEIU’s home-care worker and the first successful $15 minimum-wage organizing campaigns. He is also the author of The Fight for Fifteen: The Right Wage for a Working America.

Recent Articles

Portable Benefits for an Insecure Workforce

Why Americans need portable benefits, what those benefits should look like, and how those benefits can be created and funded

AP Photo/Matt Rourke
This article appears in the Winter 2017 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . Imagine an entirely new system of employment benefits—a system that substantially closes the gap left by the ongoing decline of secure full-time employment while uniting business and labor, tech companies and small businesses, progressives and libertarians. You would sense you were on to something, right? We believe that we (and Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Etsy, and the libertarian R Street Institute) are on to something. Traditional full-time employment—and the middle-class lifestyle it enables—is slipping from the grasp of more and more American workers, who’ve been stripped of the benefits our parents’ generation understood to be part of standard compensation: health insurance, vacation, sick leave, unemployment and disability insurance, and retirement. The loss of these basic employment-based benefits is worsening the insecurity faced by workers and...