Michael Soha

Michael Soha is a Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at the University of New Hampshire, and former Media Policy Fellow at Free Press

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Who Loses If Trump Cuts Public Media Funding? His Supporters.

Ending federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as President Trump proposes, will shutter local stations in rural areas and poorer states, and hit GOP constituents hardest. 

Bill Clark/Roll Call via AP Images
After decades of empty threats from conservative Republicans to end federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), President Trump’s budget blueprint has made it official: Among other draconian cuts, he zeroes out the CPB, the nonprofit agency that provides grants to 1,500 local public radio and television stations across the country. It is the most direct threat to date faced by the CPB, which covers some of the costs of national programming for National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service. In the past, pledges to slash CPB have come mostly from GOP presidential hopefuls eager to serve up red meat to the far right—charade common enough that even some conservatives roll their eyes when CPB tough talk surfaces yet again. Will Trump finally be the one to end federal support for public media? If so, Republicans on Capitol Hill and in the White House should brace for the same kind of trouble that calls to axe the CPB have stirred up in the past...