Lena Chen

Lena Chen is a freelance writer based in Boston. She is finishing a degree in sociology at Harvard University and blogs about feminism and sexuality at Sex and the Ivy.

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The Chastity Ring-Around

The college abstinence-only movement sells itself as empowering and pro-woman. Too bad the usual rejection of marriage equality and reproductive rights still applies.

(Anscombe Society)
Dozens of college students gathered in early February in a Harvard University auditorium to participate in the Love & Fidelity Network's Rethinking Sex conference. Their keynote speaker, however, was unable to join them. Though Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons had been tapped to discuss his work as the director of the Institute for Marital Healing, he is best known for his scientifically dubious views on homosexuality -- namely, that it is a treatable "disorder." True Love Revolution, Harvard's abstinence-only group and the conference co-sponsor, has fielded near-constant condemnation from campus progressives since its founding four years ago, largely in response to controversial speakers and a platform explicitly rejecting same-sex unions. However, an impending blizzard, not criticism, kept Fitzgibbons away. Though debates over the efficacy of abstinence-only education dominates public discourse, the abstinence movement's efforts go beyond sex ed. In recent years, social conservatives...