Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster is a freelance journalist based in New York. She was a full-time correspondent for The Financial Times for nine years, most recently focusing on the nonprofit sector.

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Charitable Relations

For years, foundations worked in concert with government, creating programs that could then be federally funded and expanded. Will a Democrat in the White House mean a return to this model?

Last November, two weeks after Barack Obama was elected president, Gara LaMarche took to the podium at the annual meeting of Southern California Grantmakers. The president and chief executive of The Atlantic Philanthropies was in particularly good spirits. "It is nice to be able to say you look forward to working with your own government to make the world a better place--independent of it, surely; at times critical of it--but feeling you have a partner, not an adversary," he told the crowd. "Maybe demonstration projects we fund in philanthropy that actually demonstrate something will no longer be like the proverbial trees that fall in the forest with no one to hear them." In January, LaMarche and several other foundation leaders got an inkling of the possibilities when they were invited to Washington for a meeting with Obama's transition team. Over the course of several hours, the grant-makers, including Ralph Smith, executive vice president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and...