Laura Bassett

Laura Bassett is a freelance journalist writing about politics, gender, and culture with bylines in The Washington Post, InStyle, and The Daily Beast. She was previously the senior culture and politics reporter at HuffPost.

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Digital Media Is Suffocating—and It’s Facebook and Google’s Fault

Newsrooms across the country are laying off journalists, because the ad dollars generated from their work all filter up to Big Tech.

Roughly 2,400 journalists and media staffers in the United States lost our jobs in the first few months of 2019. I was laid off in January, after nearly a decade in my newsroom. The Huffington Post had hired me in November 2009 to write what Arianna Huffington called the “flesh and blood” stories of the recession—people losing their jobs, plunging underwater on their mortgages, hocking their wedding rings to put food on the table. My first beat was economic suffering. I didn’t understand at the time that journalism was staring down its own Great Recession. We at HuffPost knew the cuts were coming. They’d been the subject of happy-hour chats for weeks. Verizon, our parent company, had declared our website essentially worthless in late 2018 and directed staff reductions across the board. Even so, my own layoff came as a shock. As a senior politics reporter for the site who represented it on cable news every weekend, my job had felt like an integral part of...