Lars-Erik Nelson

Lars-Erik Nelson is the Washington correspondent for the New York Daily News.

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Inventing Al Gore: A Biography

In 2000 we face a presidential election between two men, Albert Gore, Jr., and George W. Bush, who are both sons of major politicians, who share their fathers' names, who have witnessed their fathers' political successes and bitter defeats, and who have striven to replicate--surpass? avenge?--their fathers' careers. That is to say, we have two candidates competing for the world's most difficult job while laboring under the cruel burden of a lifetime of parental expectation. A father who names his son after himself is instructing him from birth, "Be me." Both had fathers who were, despite storybook family tales from both households, largely absent while pursuing their political careers. Both had mothers deeply involved in their fathers' careers. Both had the best of educations: Bush at Andover, Yale, and the Harvard Business School; Gore at St. Albans prep school in Washington, Harvard University, and then, for a time, divinity and law school at Vanderbilt University. Both survived the...