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Joel Anderson is better known in the blogosphere and Twitterverse as blackink12 of PostBourgie. He is currently a newspaper reporter in Florida and has worked at several news organizations, including The Associated Press, for nearly a decade.

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TAP Talks Treme

David Simon creates some strong female leads, the return of Mystikal, and John Goodman's obnoxious activist intellectual.

(HBO/Skip Bolen)
Joel Anderson : First things first, they're spot-on with regard to the accents. Also, people from New Orleans dance unlike people from anywhere else. So far, this "feels" right. Before we go any further, I should probably admit my secret shame: I've never seen a complete episode of The Wire. So most references to it will go completely over my head. I'm sorry. Try not to judge me. Tim Fernholz : Probably for the best, actually, in writing about Treme . Aminatou Sow : You're so right about the accents and the feel. I was so not ready to see a naked Steve Zahn. Alexandra Gutierrez : I kind of wish I were in your position, Joel. My expectations may be too clouded by The Wire . The thing that I'm most interested in is how Treme will handle the institutions that failed the city in future episodes. When Simon wanted to show us Baltimore, he showed us these problematic, grinding structures -- the dysfunctional police department, the drug trade machinery, the media that lost its way -- that...