Joe Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III has represented Massachusetts's Fourth Congressional District since 2013. 

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A Call to Moral Capitalism

There is an alternative to Trumpism. We need to clearly articulate it.

Last month, our president told 800,000 federal employees to make do without paychecks for 35 days. Full-time workers lined up at soup kitchens. Families frantically begged for loan deferments, credit extensions, and acts of mercy from their banks. Air-traffic controllers put in ten-hour shifts, then worked as Uber drivers to make ends meet. The contract workers who clean government offices, guard government doors, and serve government meals are still not guaranteed one cent of the pay they missed. The January shutdown bore all the ugly hallmarks of the Trump presidency, from overt racism to tone-deaf privilege. And—beneath it all—an administration that sees the livelihood of ordinary Americans as a bargaining chip they are willing to trade away. For our president, it was the latest notch in the belt of a man who has broken every populist promise he made. Elections—and history—will put him in his rightful place. For our country, however, the past month was one...