Jesse Katz

A former reporter for the Los Angeles Times and senior writer for Los Angeles magazine, Jesse Katz is the author of the memoir The Opposite Field. His work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, New York, Men’s Health, and Town & Country, among other publications

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The Geography of Getting By

Vendors in Los Angeles' MacArthur Park fight for their right to sell.

(AP Photo)
A mile west of the polished-granite and tinted-glass towers of the Los Angeles skyline, in the dense Central American hub of MacArthur Park, there is a street called Little. It is exactly that, a one-block nub, sandwiched between Wilshire on the north and Seventh on the south, bookended by stop signs, leading to nowhere. Iron bars run down the east side of the sidewalk, shielding an elementary school from intruders; on the west side, more bars, these topped by diamond-shaped barbs, guard the rear of an apartment complex. You could drive past Little Street a thousand times and never notice it, much less have reason to turn here. Every weekend since last December the city has sealed off Little with plastic Department of Public Works sawhorses. A vinyl banner, designed with clip art of a rainbow-swaddled cornucopia, stretches across each set of barricades. “ArtGricultural Open Air Market,” the sign says, a portmanteau of artesenía and agricultura that, in any language...