Janet Murguia

Janet Murguia is the president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Latino civil-rights and advocacy organization.

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From Immigrant To Citizen

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the integration of immigrants in this nation of immigrants is just how much it is being done by the immigrants themselves, with a minimum of effort by government or society at large. Despite widespread hand-wringing that today's immigrants are not learning English or becoming “like us” as they used to, the traditional indicators -- English-language acquisition, workforce participation, homeownership, military service, civic participation, and intermarriage -- make it clear that immigrants continue to do what they have always done: become Americans relatively quickly. We're getting an enormous return on a tiny investment. This pattern contrasts radically with the immigration wave of a century ago, when government and private philanthropy -- through civics education, English-language outreach, and what was termed “Americanization” -- smoothed the path to citizenship and full participation in U.S. society. Ironically,...