James Aloisi

James Aloisi is a former Massachusetts secretary of transportation and a member of the board of the Bay State–based advocacy group TransitMatters.

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When It Comes to Transportation Infrastructure, No Bill Is Better Than a Bad Bill

Why the failure to come up with a plan to revitalize the country’s infrastructure could force Washington to abandon funneling money into the auto-centric past and come up with a dynamic program of 21st-century solutions.

screen_shot_2017-07-19_at_4.28.52_pm.png This Congress and President Trump have been unable to develop and enact a new federal infrastructure bill after nearly three years of fits, starts, and jokes about “Infrastructure Week” (I have called it “Infrastructure Weak”). This failure is not surprising given the current political dynamics. But you may be surprised to learn that this former state transportation secretary was, and remains, delighted that Washington wasn’t able to come up with a new bill. It’s not that we don’t need one: Innovative federal transportation proposals are important and overdue, but no bill is better than a bad bill. Based on what we know about the mindset of most of the current decision-makers, every indication thus far is that they would have enacted a very bad bill into law. A bad bill would be one that adheres to the president’s original template, which was nothing more than public-private partnerships on...