Greg Mastel

Gregory Mastel is vice president and director of studies at the Economic Strategy Institute. He is also the author of Antidumping Laws and the U.S. Economy.

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The Real China Question

How to admit China and other former communist countries into the world trading club--without destroying the international economic system in the process.

L inks between Chinese officials and U.S. political campaigns—coupled with renewed concern about human rights abuses by the Chinese government—have put China policy center stage. But while public officials and many commentators here have focused their attention mostly on the contentious issue of whether to renew China's most-favored-nation trading status, the more important question is whether China should be admitted into the World Trade Organization (WTO)—and whether formerly communist states such as Russia should be next. Created in 1994 as a more potent successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the WTO is the Geneva-based organization that sets and enforces the rules for world trade among developed nations. By agreeing to abide by WTO rulings, countries forfeit some control of their trade policy to gain access to foreign markets. Although controversial at its founding—in part because American critics alleged it would compromise U.S...

No Dumping