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Paralysis by Analysis: How Conservatives Plan to Kill Popular Regulation

Simply revoking laws that protect clean water, air, or food wouldn't be popular, so Congress is passing procedural changes that sound neutral but bias the outcome in favor of corporate interests.

A mong Newt Gingrich's great contributions to double speak is the "Jobs Creation and Wage Enhancement Act" ( H.R. 9 ), one of the least appreciated and most extreme elements of the Contract with America. The measure has nothing to do with jobs or wages. It is, rather, a cynical effort to hamstring federal health, safety, and environmental regulation by adding a series of bureaucratic hurdles and new opportunities for industry-inspired litigation. Unless the public awakens to the dangers posed by the Republicans' approach and the president vetoes the legislation likely to emerge from this Congress, the achievements of decades of improvement in the environment and health and safety standards will be severely undermined. The Republican sponsors argue that big government mindlessly churns out regulations harmful to the economy and business and that the public is tired of the red tape. Americans may dislike regulation in the abstract, but we value clean air, pure water, and other benefits...