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David Moberg is a senior editor at In These Times.

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Martha Jernegons's New Shoes

Last fall, Martha Jernegons got a raise. By the standards of the new dot-com economy, it wasn't much--just $2.15 per hour. But for Jernegons, a 56-year-old home health care aide in Chicago, working for a private agency that is reimbursed by the city, it was a 40 percent increase, to $7.60 an hour. Though she still lives below the poverty line--and still lacks health insurance--with a daughter and six grandchildren, that $2.15 an hour made a big difference. She's finally paying off an old $600 medical bill that had been hanging over her for years. "The raise gave me a different outlook on life," she said. "I feel better about myself. Now I can go to Payless and buy a pair of shoes." Jernegons's shoes are courtesy of Chicago's "living wage" ordinance, which required certain contractors for the city to pay a minimum of $7.60 an hour to its employees. Mayor Richard Daley had resisted the local living-wage coalition of unions, community groups, homeless advocates, and religious...