David Levinson

David L. Levinson is president of Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut. He is author of Community Colleges: A Reference Handbook and general editor of Education and Sociology: An Encyclopedia.

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Grand Solution or Grab Bag?

Community colleges are being asked to provide everything from second chances to vocational education. Is America ready to help them succeed?

In July, as U.S. automakers were emerging from bankruptcy, President Barack Obama dramatically announced the American Graduation Initiative at Macomb Community College, some 12 miles from Detroit, calling for a massive federal investment of $12 billion in the nation's community colleges. "Not since the passage of the original GI bill and the work of President Truman's Commission on Higher Education -- which helped to double the number of community colleges and increase by seven-fold enrollment in those colleges," the president stated, "have we taken such a historic step on behalf of community colleges in America." With the goal of restoring the U.S. to its global leadership role in postsecondary degree attainment -- it's now ranked No. 10 in degree attainment for 25- to 34-year-olds -- the initiative calls for a potpourri of strategies, ranging from producing 5 million more community college graduates by 2020 to creating a new online skills laboratory. Reacting to this initiative,...