Christina Roessler

Christina Roessler is a consultant working on water issues in the West.

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Changing Water Policies in the Dry Southwest

Water is taught by thirst. -- Emily Dickinson Most of us in this country haven't had to think about water very much. We turn on the tap, and out it comes, clean and cheap. What more do we need to know? Or so we thought. Then last year there was an unusual convergence of events -- an on-going, severe drought in the West, an unexpected, severe drought in the South, combined with the break-through realization that climate change is no longer a debate but a fact. All of a sudden water was making national headlines. Lots of places, not just farms and not just the West, were facing water shortages. And people were hearing that, thanks to climate change, things might get even worse. How did our civic leaders respond to the challenge? The transcendent message from Las Vegas to Georgia was some variation of the old theme, "We need new water; we can't conserve our way out of this." Cities in the Southwest have been struggling with water scarcity for years. The lesson of their experiences is...