Charles Dunst

Charles Dunst is an editorial fellow at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency; his writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, and The Hill, among other publications.

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A Free Press in Europe? Not If We Have Anything to Say About It!

Trump’s State Department scraps an Obama-era proposal to bolster independent newspapers in Hungary.

(Christian Marquardt/NurPhoto/Sipa USA via AP Images)
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, an erstwhile democratizer who “ played a prominent supporting role in killing communism in Europe ,” is now the man responsible for leading democracy to the gallows in Hungary. Once widely considered to be an exemplar of post-Soviet democratic success , Hungary is now leading the pack of “illiberal democracies,” and Orbán is the prophet of this new authoritarianism . Since 2010, Orbán has reduced judicial independence, restricted press freedom, and reshaped the electoral system to favor his party, Fidesz. He has fostered rampant xenophobia toward Muslims and resurrected ever-handy anti-Semitism , centering his recent successful re-election effort around a government-funded propaganda campaign against George Soros, whom he depicted as a globalist favoring open borders and open political discourse—a threat to traditional Hungarian society. In spreading his message and blocking alternative...

‘Liberal’ Campuses, Conservative Media, and the First Amendment

Right-wing media go into overdrive to discredit Hamilton College students exercising free speech rights.

Last summer, a Gallup poll found that 67 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning individuals have only “some” or “very little” confidence in colleges and universities. Their chief complaint: Institutions of higher education are “too liberal and political” and “don’t allow students to think for themselves and are pushing their own agenda.” It’s an article of faith among many conservatives that most of the agents of higher education—administrators, faculty, and students—are politically correct automatons and that campus conservatives are besieged truth tellers. Case after case after case of liberal intolerance is presented as evidence of entrenched anti-intellectual, anti-conservative dogma. If campuses are so liberal, why would conservative media outlets need to embellish news reports and propagate falsehoods about how students at one college reacted to an appearance by a conservative thinker? Yet, that...