Cecilia Conrad

Cecilia A. Conrad is vice president and dean of faculty (interim) at Scripps College. She is editor of The Review of Black Political Economy and president of the International Association of Feminist Economics.

Recent Articles

Black Women: The Unfinished Agenda

African American women made great progress in education and entering into previously forbidden occupations -- but their gains in earnings mysteriously stopped.

We occupy many of the seats on the 5:30 P.M. Metrolink train from downtown Los Angeles to San Bernardino. We are behind the counters at the Department of Motor Vehicles and on both sides of the desks at the Department of Social Services. We push wheelchairs in parks and hospitals and hug children at day-care centers. Black women, who in 2006 constituted 7 percent of the working-age population, represented 14 percent of women workers and 53 percent of black workers, yet we are largely invisible in the policy discourse about both race and gender. Like black men, black women live in neighborhoods far from employment opportunities and with low-performing schools. Like white women, black women experience occupational segregation, a gender wage gap and the challenge of balancing family and work. We are discriminated against because we are black. We are discriminated against because we are women. We are discriminated against because we are both. This twin set of vulnerabilities has a big...