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Palin's Polar Bear Problem

Sarah Palin's denial of global warming isn't the only scientific idea she has dismissed -- she has also rejected protection of endangered polar bears.

Scientists and comedians alike have derided vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin over her denial of human responsibility for global warming. Palin has repeated in interviews and debates that the "the world's weather patterns are cyclical" and that "over history there have been cooling and warming trends" that explain climate change. She also claims that polar bear populations are stable, not endangered as scientists report. If Palin's against-the-grain views were simple matters of scientific disagreement, then it would be convenient to ignore her. But, as governor of Alaska, her theories have dire consequences because of the world's untapped oil and gas reserves that lie below the Arctic ice carpet. Over 130 billion barrels of these fossil fuels may be available from the Arctic Circle. Tapping these reserves would fuel the kind of consumption that leads to more aggressive global warming through greenhouse gas emissions. Alaskans will have to live with the consequences of those...

Examining Palin's Record on Violence Against Women

Sarah Palin's advocacy for women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence leaves a lot to be desired.

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska says that she's a champion for women, professing that, as the Republican vice-presidential nominee, she is the breakthrough that authenticates the 18 million cracks in the proverbial glass ceiling opened by Sen. Hillary Clinton. But before Palin can claim any authenticity as a fighter for gender issues, she needs to address some important questions: With Alaska having the highest rates of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence in the U.S., according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, what did Palin do as a mayor, and as governor, to remedy these problems? And what would she do as vice president to address gender-based violence as a national issue? Her previous and current governing acts signal that the protection of women's rights is not much of a priority for her. For all of Alaska's dismal statistics on violence against women, Palin took steps that worked against the interests of...