Andras Szanto

András Szántó, associate director of the National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University, writes about art, politics, and the media.

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The Business of Art

One way or the other, everybody was up in arms about "Sensation," the exhibition of "Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection" that recently closed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Details of that show and the outraged objections to it were reported in the media with a relentlessness usually reserved for airline disasters. But in the end, Mayor Giuliani's efforts to breathe life into the old culture-war cadaver failed. Art prevailed over the politicos, and the Brooklyn museum will not be turned into a Home Depot. Instead, what we're deep into now is a panic about the collusion of art and money. The press is on the case (after ignoring it for years). Breathless stories about the Brooklyn museum's cozy relations with a long and glamorous list of art patrons and art dealers were quickly followed by news about the Guggenheim Museum's dealings with the clothing designer Georgio Armani. (He is donating $15 million, according to reports, and getting a major retrospective of his work...