Alec Appelbaum

Alec Appelbaum works as a staff editor for He lives in New York City.

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Operation Dessert Storm

When big conglomerates began circling Ben & Jerry's Homemade earlier this year, there was general alarm among ice cream progressives. Wavy Gravy spoke at a rally. Supporters flocked to to bear witness. "May Ben and Jerry find the strength to fight. Good people, who own good companies, are too rare. Keep the faith!" Angel Head wrote from Des Moines. Much seemed to be at stake. In a mythic story, 1960s-vintage lefties Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield moved to Vermont and set up an ice cream business, then decided to make that business a conduit for charity and social initiatives. Many consumers take comfort in seeing Ben and Jerry smiling from the back of their colorful cartons, sentinels of decency in a shopping cart full of wares from companies with tobacco holdings or worse. Would a takeover spell the end of conscientious capitalism? We'll find out. On April 12, Unilever--the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate behind Q-Tips, Ragu spaghetti sauce, and Lipton tea--agreed...