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What should GOP Chairman
Michael Steele title his memoir?

"Stainless Steele: My Life as a Lily-White Black Guy" -- Judith Long, The Nation

"Honest Injun: My Off-the-Hook Life" -- Katie Halper, Laughing Liberally

"GOING WRONG: My Quest to Become Leader of Everything Wrong With America" -- Lee Camp, The Onion

"Steele This Book (Since Nobody Will Pay for It)" -- Justin Krebs, Living Liberally


Dialogue: Geek Love

Why are the ladies so into Peter Orszag, Obama's budget guru?

Ann Friedman: Aminatou, you identified Orszag as a hottie over a year ago. What exactly is so appealing about our Office of Management and Budget director?

Aminatou Sow: Besides his quiet and dashing looks? The man is good with numbers and ultimately very smart. Basically he is the mathlete you always wanted to date. And he has a great personality (I think?). See: cowboy boots and his love of country music.

Ann: OK, as perhaps the only heterosexual woman on the Eastern seaboard who is not taken in by his dashing LensCrafters frames and toupee-ish haircut, I have to press you on this: What makes Peter O. different from any other government geek?

Aminatou: I remember the first time I saw him on C-SPAN. He was obviously a number-crunching policy nerd, but he had a personality to go with it. You don't find that combination in the wonk world. Also, did you know he is a member of the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine? And he's not a physician. Why? Because he cares about health care. Always has.

Ann: So you're saying he has it all. Total package.

Aminatou: Yes. He is adorkable.

Ann: Adorkable enough, apparently, to manage the affections of two ladies at once. And baby makes three?

Aminatou: Ha. Yes.

Ann: I suppose we should have known by the double-BlackBerry holster: This is a man who knows how to juggle.

Aminatou: Absolutely. But the story is technically a nonstory: His old girlfriend got pregnant, and they are not raising the child together. America, this nation of prudes, is offended and assumes he abandoned her because she's older than the new model. We don't know the full story. But is it completely crazy that she does not want to raise a child with him?

Ann: I think America is mostly shocked that people who look at budgets for a living have had multiple sexual partners. Which is a sad myth about D.C. that seems impossible to break. Come to think of it, a few more dorky sex scandals would be great for Washington's image.

Aminatou: Yeah. I don't feel any differently toward him.
I just love that here is a seemingly beta male that we all underestimated.

Ann: Well, Orszagasm.com did NOT underestimate him.

Aminatou: I have been beating this drum for years!

Ann: The question for you now is: Who are we underestimating today? Who is tomorrow's geek sex symbol?

Aminatou: David Gergen of CNN fame. Look to "the best political team on TV." Mark my words.

Ann: I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Aminatou Sow is co-founder of Orszagasm.com, a site devoted to the man who puts the "OMG back in the OMB."

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