Facing Up

The fix the Democrats find themselves in cannot be attributed to the evil, tricky genius of Karl Rove or the ignorance of the American people. The Democrats face big problems of their own making. Here, Prospect writers look at how the party has mishandled four important issues and suggest new approaches.

Self - Interest

Heal Thy ‘Self'

What the Democrats didn't get: For most middle-class people, self-interest means far more than economics.
By Garance Franke-Ruta


Choice Language

Abortion is a right that ends in sorrow. Democratic rhetoric in the future must acknowledge this fact.
By Sarah Blustain

National Security

Insecurity Blanket

Kerry's foreign-policy problem was really his party's. It's time for Democrats to get serious once and for all.
By Matthew Yglesias

Gay Marriage

Wedding-Bell Blues

It's possible that Democrats could have fought this one to a draw if they had emphasized discrimination.
By Sarah Wildman